Sunday, November 19, 2006

Rah, Rah, Rahm!

NPR continues its spin on the election - working to shift the significance of Nov. 7th as far to the right as they can (They are not alone in this trend.) Today on Weekend Edition Sunday, Andrea Seabrook talks to Rahm Emanuel. Ignoring the most obvious reason for the election outcome, she all but gives full credit for the Democratic victories to Emanuel: "Thanks in large part to Emanuel’s fundraising prowess and tireless campaigning the Democrats now outnumber the GOP in the house." She opens the interview with " you’re the golden boy. What do you do now?"

What follows is so remarkable that I had to listen to it twice to be sure I wasn't mistaken. During the interview Emanuel and Seabrook talk about the priorities of the incoming Democratic majority: a minimum wage increase, lobbying and ethics reform, lower prescription drug prices, pay-as-you-go rules on the budget, cutting interest on college loans, and energy policy.

Hmmm...something is missing from the discussion. Just what could it be? Guess what word never even came up? No, not impeachment--this is NPR after all. National health care? No--the lower prescription drug prices cover that one. Come on kids, its 6438 miles away. It sits on a lot of oil. Yes, IRAQ! They didn't once mention the frickin' war, and the fact that voters rejected the war out of hand on Nov. 7th. Maybe it didn't come up because Rahm's non-plan for the war isn't so different from W's after all.

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