Saturday, December 30, 2006

Nukes and Newborns

Senior NPR analyst Dan Schorr was on a roll today. Summing up the past year he offers, "I think one can say about the year 2006, it was the year when the era of non-proliferation ended. All these years the United States, in company with others, has been trying very hard to hold the line, no more, no more…that era is over." Dan might want to get on the phone and try to talk to Mordechai Vanunu, he might have a slightly different idea of when non-proliferation ended. (But to do that would break the NPR taboo of ever holding Israel to account for its rogue-state behavior. Or perhaps Schorr considers the US plans for mini-nukes to be part of "holding the line."

From this nonsense Schorr jumps on the "Birth Pangs" wagon of Middle East analysis. Here's his razor sharp insights regarding the spread of Islamist movements: "We have this kind of revolution of the Islamists which are trying to introduce Koran all over the world and everywhere and to some extent they are at least successful in killing infant democracy..." Whoaa Dan! Killing infant democracy? Oh yea, like the little baby in Lebanon that the US and Israel tried to nurse with a million cluster bomblets this past summer!


Porter Melmoth said...

Dan Schorr, poor fellow. We have to cut him some slack. He's been wandering in the wilderness of NPR for a very long time now. That does things to people.

Ed Murrow (thank heavens he's not alive to see things today), if he were able, might take Dan aside and say, 'It's not just the non-proliferation era that's over Dan, my era's over, too.'
For some time now, Mr Murrow.

Anonymous said...

I just listened to this commentary interview. What a Casper Milquetoast Schorr is! I bet he looks good in an L.L. Bean sweater, and I bet he can fiddle damn good in a fire.