Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bold Moves

NPR's Linda Wertheimer and Daniel Schorr touch on the Bush Administration's reaction to Israeli Prime Minister Olmert's declaration that Israel will unilaterally set borders. It is sad that Schorr and Wertheimer accept this extreme and illegal declaration as somehow within the realm of acceptable behavior and play along with the lie that Israel has no "negociating partner." Since when do conflict negociations require one armed violent party and one submissive one? Making matters worse, they don't explore the implications of Bush's praise and support for Olmert's "bold move." Could any person on the globe sympathetic with Palestinians desire for a real, viable homeland (and for some justice) not view the US position as shamefully one-sided. It would also be helpful if Schorr or Wertheimer might mention that quaint bit of international law known as the Geneval Convention (see this BBC story) when discussing Israel's expanding borders and "annexed settlements." One can only imagine the rage and anger toward the US that this policy must provoke...

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