Friday, May 19, 2006

Dunking and Violating

Two brief notes from yesterday's (Thur) All Things Considered.
(1) In covering General Hayden's confirmation hearing Larry Abramson defined the torture of waterboarding as "dunking a detainee in water to try and get them to talk." Dunking? I remember dunking friends and being dunked when I was a kid--and I recall it as generally being fun. From what I've read waterboarding means strapping someone down (probably someone nude, cold, and sleep deprived) and using plastic and water to bring them to the point of near-drowning.
(2) In introducing David Greene and Melisssa Block's report on Bush's trip to the US-Mexican border at Yuma, AZ, Robert Siegle descibed the location as the "most violated " section of the border? I had to laugh (and groan)--what an image!

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