Monday, May 22, 2006

Echo Chamber--Iraq

Steve Inskeep, Ambassador Khalilzad, Cokie Roberts. These are the voices that analyze the appointment of the "new" cabinet of Iraq's Green Zone Government. In a really strange twist, Steve Inskeep comes off as more rightwing than Khalilzad when the ambassador mentions the need to negotiate with Sunni insurgents. He had the gall to seem stunned at a Sunni member of the Iraq parliament justifying resistance to the occupation. His exact quote was, "Didn't one Sunni political leader say last week that insurgents should actually keep fighting, because ending the fighting should be part of the political settlement? You had someone in the government now, part of the government, that supports the use of violence as a political tool." What does Inskeep think the whole US effort in Iraq and the Middle East has been, if not extreme violence as a political tool?


Dan S said...

He said something to the effect of a member "advocating violence as a political tool."

It is so ironic to continue to here jargon like this. I remember when Bush was chiding the Syrians for "interfering with the soveriegnty" of Lebanon or some other phrase that exactly described what we did and continue to do in Iraq.

Mytwords said...

Yes, or when the US condemns Iran for bothering with the "internal affairs" of Iraq!