Sunday, May 07, 2006

More Saturday Morning Edition

"A Very Likeable Guy" That's the judgement of NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly on the likely new appointee to head the CIA--Gen. Michael V. Hayden. What is that supposed to mean? And frankly who cares? There actually would be a lot of significance to report about Hayden: What did he do at the NSA (he was in charge there throughout the lastest illegal domestic spying operations)? What has he done in the military? What are his opionions on torture, separation of powers, assasination, rendition, etc?

Later in the show listeners also got input from Melissa Boyle Mahle, former CIA operative and author of the book Denial and Deception. She describes Hayden as an "excellent proposition." Of course Mahle joined the CIA in 1988, back when it was ravaging Central America with torture, rape, massacres, etc., and when it was helping to build Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and shoring up Saddam Hussein in his war on Iran.

Lastly, nothing was said about the sordid past of currrent Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte--murder, torture and death squad coach in Honduras and Central America in the 80s. Instead listeners were told that if Hayden leaves, then Negroponte will have "big shoes to fill." Hmmm?

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