Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mr. Bluster and Buffalo Bob

I heard at least two on-the-hour news updates from NPR regarding Bush's swooping in (see earlier post on Chavez) on Iraq's PM al-Maliki. NPR actually gave time to David Green who is "travelling with the President" to essentially reiterate (echo) Bush's statements. Green actually repeated Bush's nonsense about wanting to "look him in the eye" and that the "US keeps its word." This is reporting? This really is more like the Howdy Doody show (although who's the bigger dummy is debatable). There was no critique of the Bush policy in Iraq, no critique/analysis on how this stealth visit might be perceived in Arab countries (it was mentioned that Mr. al-Maliki didn't even know Bush was coming until 5 minutes before they met). Can one imagine a foreign leader popping in unannounced to the White House to give the Pres. a pep talk...even I'd feel insulted!

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