Friday, June 23, 2006

National Pentagon Radio

Today, Friday, hopefully brings an end to Morning Edition's full week of reports that would make any Pentagon PR team proud. Today featured Ret. Major General Thomas Wilkerson talking about his father's "work" in Vietnam keeping his subordinates from breaking the rules of war and generally stating how professional and honorable the Marines are. I keep wanting someone interviewing military people from Vietnam to ask, "So just who did kill the 2-3 million Vietnamese?" Then just in case you haven't had enough of how great and decent and just US warrior culture is, we get to hear from none other than General Peter Pace, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from the Pentagon.
Except for retiring reporter Galloway's piece (see earlier post) on Monday criticizing the incompetence of the Pentagon's civilian leadership's handling of the Iraq war (not it premises, not its illegality, not the lies and arrogance that launched it, etc.), this past week on NPR offered a daily parade of US military personnel talking about the Iraq War from the perspective of the US military. (Something you can get if you want--and can stomach it-- from the Department of Defense website.)

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