Saturday, July 01, 2006

Schorr Misses the Point

Daniel Schorr talking with Scott Simon completely misses the point about the alleged rape and murder of Iraqis by US soldiers. First Schorr just brushes it aside as part of the typical brutality of war. Second he strongly praises the US military leadership for aggressively pursuing all allegations of atrocities. The record shows that the leadership only pursues these cases when there is evidence that can't be hushed up or has been made public (Not to mention that many of the miltary's standard operations in Iraq -- broad house invasion searches, detention of thousands of uncharged Iraqis, airstrikes, etc. -- could be called atrocities. However, the point that Schorr misses is that even if you think this event is isolated--it will be so offensive to Iraqis and Muslims that it will further enrage people who are already justifiably enraged at US hypocrisy and brutality in the "war on terror."

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