Monday, July 31, 2006

Wide-Eyed Schorr

On Sunday's weekend edition Dan Schorr stated that "what made my eyes widen was...laser-guided, anti-tank missiles—laser guided!" supplied "presumably by the Hezbollah brethren in Iran." From this surprise Schorr concludes "so insurgents can now inflict a greater toll on up to date military forces; that may help to explain why America and its allies have run into such serious trouble in Iraq and Afghanistan, and why Bush finds himself having to send more troops to the mean streets in Baghdad..." This passes for informed analysis. Nothing about the extreme human rights abuses, the cultural insensitivity, the extreme overkill violence of the US military; nothing about the illegal invasion of Iraq, the "shock and awe" arrogance, the bungling stupidity of Bush, Bremer, Rumsfeld, etc. No, according to Schorr it's sophisticated weaponry (and probably from Iran!)

I didn't comment on that piece since I figured that since Schorr is the "senior" news analyst, NPR is obliged to give him occasional airtime--regardless of how delusional his commentary may be, but then he was back on today with more. Following the massacre at Qana yesterday, one might think Schorr would reconsider Israel's mission in Lebanon, but instead he's back to claiming it is the Iranian-supplied weapons that are so troublinh in the conflict and that "Israel, trying strenuously to eliminate hard to find well-dug-in Hezbollah launching sites was drawn in to risky bombings that killed civilians including women and children and spread sympathy and support…" Yes, poor Israel, just got pulled in to killing those 57 hiding civilians (and the other 500+ , and the ambulances, and the bridges, and the UN outposts, and the apartment buildings, and....)

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