Friday, August 11, 2006

And Now the Hard Questions

This morning Cory Flintoff reports on the US-made nightmare called Iraq. He interviews a goldsmith from Baghdad who was kidnapped by men in a police uniform in a police vehicle, who thought he'd be worth a lot of money, and when that failed tried to sell him to insurgents.

Interesting enough, but how about NPR confronting some of the hucksters of our Iraq adventure with this situation. I seem to recall Rumsfeld trumpeting how great US training of Iraqi troops and policemen was going not so long ago. Why not call up the Pentagon and ask them about the infiltration of the security forces? Why not ask about our policy of creating death squads in Iraq (the so-called Salvador Option--see my previous post).

It's interesting to see the shift in coverage on Iraq of late. There is more coverage of the disaster that Iraq has become--but without identifying those responsible (starting with Bush and working down).

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