Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jackie Northam for Rice and Bush

Jackie Northam reports on the UN Resolution on Lebanon crafted by the US and France. In describing this resolution Northam states that it addresses the "root cause" of the problem. Any rational person might ask, "Oh, you mean Israel's illegal occupation of the West Bank and siege of Gaza, and the nuclear weapons possessed by Israel, and the Lebanese prisoners that Israel still holds, and the violations of Lebanese airspace that Israel has committed regularly since 2000, and the US flooding the region with weapons, and the US agression in Iraq, and etc. etc.... No, not in NPRspeak: the root cause is....Hezbollah--what a surprise!

For an informed historical perspective on the Lebanon, Hezbollah, Israel issue I'd recommend readers to see this commentary from the Guardian Unlimited [UK]. It represents the kind of complex, informative coverage that we should be getting from NPR.

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