Thursday, August 31, 2006

Narrowing the Debate

In the context of the US Senate, I respect Senator Boxer, but after NPR gives more airtime to Bush nonsense on Iraq and the "war on terror" I want more than a Democratic opponent to critique the presidents lies and crimes. As a Democratic leader Boxer is limited in what she can say since most of her party is complicit in voting for and funding the crimes of the US war of agression against Iraq. I want someone who will address the illegality of the war, the predatory policies of the Bremer occupation, and the institutional crimes of illegal detention and torture that the US has visited on Iraq.

At least in the Gonyea piece that preceeds the Boxer interview we get to hear an old WWII veteran exposed to Bushspeak say of the president, "I wonder if he himself really knows what's going on [in Iraq]." Amen...

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