Thursday, August 17, 2006

One New Yorker Writer

When I saw that ATC yesterday interviewed a New Yorker writer about Lebanon I thought, "Better late than never; at least now they are talking to Seymour Hersh." How wrong I was. Instead we are given a serious helping of misinformation from Jeffery Goldberg on how "very, very very radical," terrorist and anti-Semitic Hezbollah is--and how peaceful and well behaved Israel has been since leaving Lebanon in 2000. According to Goldberg, Israel didn't even know that Hezbollah was massing arms! There is nothing in this report revealing the barbarity of the Israeli forces during their occupation of Lebanon from 1982-2000 (slaughter, torture, destruction, etc.). Nothing about how Israel was driven from Lebanon by Hezbollah. Nothing suggesting that Hezbollah is not a "terrorist" organization in that it has not carried out typical terror activities for over ten years.

Seems like NPR is again helping soften up the public for the next phase of gettting a war on--see you in Tehran!

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