Friday, September 22, 2006

Blurring Israel's Brutality

It seemed that it might be a good report--NPR covering the deepening tragedy of Gaza. Peter Kenyon reports from Gaza which he describes as a "tightly surrounded enclave." That is a mild way to describe a miltarily surrounded and attacked ghetto of 1.4 million Palestinians. He does mention some of Israel's recent crimes, citing Palestinian human rights officials as noting more than 33 civilians killed since August 1st. He then states that in addition to civilians, "militants have been killed by Israeli forces as radical factions have resumed launching rockets into Israel and plotting other attacks....equally devestating to Gazans have been the murders thefts extortions carried out by their own people."

If you listened to this report you'd assume that Gazans are as responsible for their misery as the ruthless Israeli policy toward Gaza--a sad distortion of the situation. For better reporting on Gaza you should take a look at some of the following: The Guardian, Electronic Intifada, the International Solidarity Movement, and this piece from Agence Global which looks at how the election of Hamas could have been handled if the US and Israel were interested in peace.

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