Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Do They, Has He?

According to the top of the hour news on Morning Edition Congress is turning it's attention to national defense and "battling terrorism" as it reconvenes. And then Carl Kasell states that Israel has approved expanding settlements which "Bush has consistently opposed."

Two lies in less than two minutes!


frozen half-newt said...

Um, could you explain a bit about why they're lies?

Mytwords said...

Fair enough! How has Congress "battled terrorism" and what does that even mean. Has Congress locked the US into obeying the International Criminal Court? Has Congress done anything to build the rule of law internationally so that ALL terrorists (independent and state) can be arrested, tried, and convicted or acquitted (not selectively assasinated). Also, what has Bush done in any concrete way to oppose the building of settlements. Since when did some settlements become ok and others not? What single act has this adminstration done to end Israel's settlement consolidation in the West Bank?