Friday, September 08, 2006

A Missed Opportunity on a Missed Opportunity

What if Iran (the supposed arch nemesis of the US) offered a significant peace plan to the US? What if the Iranians offered huge concessions to the US (giving up its nuclear program, cutting-off funding for Hezbollah, and recognizing Israel!). What if this proposal was approved by all levels of the Iranian government? Given that the current US administration may well be considering attacking Iran, this would be astounding news, worthy of broad and detailed coverage. The fact is that just such a peace proposal was made in 2003, and yet NPR hasn't covered it (search their web site if you don't believe me).

The president of Iran at that time was Mohammed Khatami, and so today when NPR reported today on the visit of Khatami to the US, I hoped they might put his visit in context by discussing the earlier peace overtures of Iran. Instead all we here about is how Khatami's tour has been carefully planned, how "many people are outraged that Khatami had been granted a visa to the United States," and how no US government officials attended any of his talks. That's it, nothing more.

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