Monday, September 18, 2006

Smug as a Commentator on NPR

Credit for the title of this post goes out to Greg Brown, from his song "Where's Maria?" I thought again of Brown's line when I heard Cokie Roberts providing chuckling analysis of the Bush administration's attempts to push (putsch!) through its plans for torturing detainees and the trouble it has run into in the Senate.

Her laughing and smug tone seem grossly inappropriate, even if one believes in what Bush wants to do. She is reporting on our government making it official policy that people can be detained and held incommunicado indefinitely (at the whim of the president)! Just writing these words gives me the creeps.

Roberts closes her insulting and stupid piece by talking about an upcoming meeting between Laura Bush and Bill Clinton by saying, "so [it's] possible Steve, even though we see absolutely no bipartisanship in this city these days, maybe there is life after the presidency that allows people to speak civilly to each other." There it is, strong opposition to kidnapping, indefinite detention, unlimited executive power, and torture is just uncivil partisanship...ugh.

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Anonymous said...

Many years ago now Michael Parenti had been tentatively offered a job as a political analyst for NPR, where he would have joined Cokie Roberts (and, at that time, Kevin Phillips, I think).

One of the duties he would have had to perform was a once-a-year weekend retreat with Cokie Roberts. Talk about torture.