Saturday, October 21, 2006

More "Cut and Run" Nonsense

How does NPR do it? When every thinking person seems to agree that for Iraqis, for the US in blood and money, and for overall global security, the Iraq War is a complete and unmitigated (disaster, debacle, fiasco, tragedy, nightmare, horror show) - NPR lets Retired Maj. Gen. John Batiste, former 1st Infantry Division commander in Iraq, tell Andrea Seabrook that what the situation needs is more US troops and for the US to get on a "war footing." Seabrook lets him get away with saying he doesn't support a policy of "cut and run" but wants changes to assure victory. She doesn't have to be rude by asking him to pee in a cup so they can find out what hallucinogens he's taking, she could just politely bring up the fact that Iraq is well on the way to complete fragmention and civil war, that it has been the tactics of the US military that created and swelled the ranks of the insurgency, and that the very motivations for the war have from the start been corrupt (control of oil, secure bases, and make tons of money privatizating all sectors of Iraq's economy).

It is really inexcusable to for a journalist to allow someone to call withdrawal from Iraq "Cut and Run" without a challenge. I'd have loved to hear her say, "Well general, it sounds like you are for an all out 'Slash and Burn' policy," or "Sounds to me General like you just want to pour more troops into the current "Flail and fail" mission." That would be interesting!

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larry said...

I'd really like someone in the MSM tell me what 'cut 'n' run' actually means. Is it some absurd reference to a fight with knives, or is it a farting contest?