Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sensitive Ears Here at Weekend Edition

Weekend Edition's "analysis" of Clinton's recent challenge against against Chris Wallace of Fox News aims to be as superficial and uninformative as possible. Here's how Andrea Seabrook describes the event: "after the broadcast of this past week, the Washington news media was sent a-twitter over a certain heated exchange between a Fox News journalist and a certain Democratic former president....The news this week chattered with analysis and debate over the facts 'Who did what, when and how?' and also the sudden rage the question seemed to draw from the former president, but what struck sensitive ears here at Weekend Edition was the curious way Clinton’s anger seemed to draw out his Arkansas accent..."
The snarky glibness of "a-twitter," "a certain Democratic former president," "chatter," and "sensitive ears" is something I find really maddening. And to call a hack working for Fox a "journalist" in the context of this piece reflects an interesting bias.
It's also astonishing to hear the amused and superior tone of Seabrook describing the "analysis and debate over the facts" when NPR has provided neither regarding the Clinton/Fox broadcast. For more substance on the Clinton exchange see these links from the ThinkProgress link above: here, here, and here or check out this piece by Juan Cole.

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