Friday, November 17, 2006

Inskeep Tangles with Rangle

I think Inskeep must be hoping to break into the ranks of the wealthiest 15% of Americans who benefit most from the Bush Tax "cuts." Today he carps abouts Democrats "raising taxes" in his interview with Rep. Charles Rangle of NY. Rangle impressively handles Inskeeps attempt to turn the interview into a Republican campaign ad against "tax and spend" Democrats.

Inskeep took a similar tack in his interview with Rahm Emanuel on October 17, 2006. He was actually quite rude with Emanuel (see my previous post), interrupting him twice in the following interchange:
Emanuel: we are proposing "tax reform to 'simplify the code--' "
Inskeep cutting in: "Is that a tax increase?"
Emanuel reponds: "For 85% of the American people it’s a tax cut, specifically for the middle class--"
Inskeep:(interrupting again) "and the other 15% was that an increase."

It was striking how today Inskeep vigorously interjected the issue of raising taxes as soon as Rangle talked about improving health care and education for working people. I don't think I've ever heard him be so vigilant about taxes when the discussion is on funding the bloated Pentagon budget. Very interesting.


jules said...

You'd think maybe Inskeep would back off from Rove's buttcheeks at this point...but no, he's firmly planted.

Kevan said...

Inskeep is definitely biased. I remember once he asked a human rights advocate about torture: "Who cares if they (Iraq prisoners) are getting tortured? They're bad people." That sickened me off listening to ME for awhile. I'm back to it in small doses, but it's swing from mostly-objective to outright conservatism has really alienated me.