Friday, November 03, 2006

The Most Cynical

On ATC Wade Goodwyn reports on the retirement of former Army Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez. If you've forgotten, General Sanchez was the leading military man in Iraq who lied to the Senate Armed Forces Committee on May 19, 2004 about the torture techniques that he authorized. So how does Goodwyn begin this report:

"It was a day to make even the most cynical, proud to be American. Hundreds of Hispanics of all ages wearing their caps to signify which war they fought in; all gathered to dedicate their new burial ground in Mission, Texas..."[two young participants] "whose father…was killed by an IED in Iraq, bravely recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Two elderly veterans played a nice rendition of taps."

I hate to tell Wade, but this kind sentimental worship of warrior culture makes me sick. I find it very sad and tragic that people are being killed in the Iraq War, but it doesn't mitigate the crimes that have been committed by our leaders and some of our people in the military.

It is especially telling that in the entire report, the word TORTURE is never used--instead the more genteel term "abuse" is faithfully used.
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