Monday, November 13, 2006

National Public Infomericals

This morning's business section was a great plug for Nintendo and Sony. I hope those companies appreciate listener supported advertising! This piece seemed geared to offend; not only was it a waste of airtime meant to build hype and buzz for two new products hitting the shelves at Christmas time, but it opened with a sexist adverstising "spoof" from YouTube of how the Nintendo system is like a "slim blonde in a red and white bikini" while the Sony system is like a large woman with glasses and "schlumpy" clothes. The rest of the report features spokespeople from Sony and Nintentdo talking up all the features of each product.

I'd be curious to know where these products and their components are made. How much do assemblers make per hour? What resources are required to make them? I guess those topics will be covered in NPR's "labor" news....

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bluetaco said...

Yeah, right, HA! That's a good one! Still waiting for that NPR "labor news". On the other hand I doubt you could go one hour without hearing at least one business or Wall Street story.