Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Part of the Plan for Victory

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The caption under the graphic above is quoted directly from Jamie Tarabay's interview with Renee Montagne this morning on NPR. Of course there's one little problem with this important development, this "very, very significant concession." It doesn't matter. The Iraq project is over, lost, a disaster. What government are former Sunni Baath members going to be stupid enough to register with? Oh, the SCIRI/al-Maliki one, of course!
The only thing missing from this nonsense was a mention that this represented a "milestone" or that a "corner had been turned."

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Porter Melmoth said...

Jamie Tarabay is what fat editors in armchairs back in DC love: a punk 'Stralian kid - a girlie, hip 'reportatrix', in Eye-rak, deep in Moozlum hostile territory - humble, honest, perfect! To keep the ratings up - by providing an edge of fear (in her voice) and in her reports, if nothing else. Diminutive chick on the war front - I like that! From Oz - nice touch! Get in a hint of BBC prestige - and distance. 'Liberal' listeners will feel right at home. Problem is, her analysis ain't ready for prime time. Gimme a break: if this isn't Fox-style casting, right out of Frank Capra's 'His Girl Friday', I don't know what is. Much more than Anne Garrels, Jamie will get the sympathy vote - always. So who's to question her veracity?