Friday, November 10, 2006

What's Important About November 12th?

Nothing, but it is telling to see what dates a news organization sees fit to hold up as significant. Listeners of Morning Edition learned that this Sunday Gerald Ford will become the oldest living former US president--wow! Imagine how different it would be if on December 7th we learned about Ford's 1975 "day of infamy" when Indonesia invaded East Timor and began it's genocidal slaughter of at least 250,000 civilians with US-supplied armaments. Or on March 24th, NPR could commemorate the Argentine neofascist coup of 1976 which launched the "dirty war" and received political cover and assistance from the Ford administration. On the other hand, NPR could continue to stick with "patriotic" trivia and sentimental statement's like Ford's thanking "God for the gift of every sunrise."

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