Saturday, December 02, 2006

Bizarre Is a Relative Term

Reporting on the contentious swearing in of Mexico's formal president, Calderon, Lourdes Garcia-Navarro describes the scene as follows:

"Like some bizarre cheerleader’s duel, congressmen then cried out to each other in the ensuing hours. On one side of the hall leftist legislators shouted 'Obrador!' over and over…on the other, members of Calderon’s party responded 'Mexico! Mexico!'..."

If only we could have some bizarre cheerleading in our airtight system. Instead we have Al Gore's 2001 gavel-pounding performance (sounds eerily like nails being driven into a coffin) which proved to David Wellna that Gore was "a good sport" who "came off very well."

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ulf said...

I enjoy listening to perspectives different than my own. However, for some reason I had to stop listening to NPR's "On the Media"; I think it was the hypocrisy. The final straw was when they covered the Mexican election by interviewing only some kind of right wing Mexican journalist. The reports of widespread fraud were totally dismissed. What is the point of “On the Media” if the reporting is going to be identical to that of the corporate news?