Thursday, December 21, 2006

Open Thread - Thursday

NPR related comments welcomed.


larry said...

Yesterday's ATC had an awfuol show, half of which was victor hanson, or whoever, from hoover institute. Who wants to listen to the hoover institure? What have they been right about lately? THe mess in Iraq is partly their doing. Why must NPR air their irrelevant views?

masbrow said...

I was also dismayed at yesterday's TOTN, although thats become a regular occurance since the arrival of the smarmy and dismissive Neal Conan. In the first hour he had this hack from the Hoover institute recycling every war-mongering idea you can think of concerning Iran, including the ridiculous position: "Iran has enough oil to power themselves for 200 years, so what business do they have seeking nuclear power?" Nevermind that all countries that have signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty have a right to nuclear power, and that Iran must know as well as anyone that the days of oil are numbered. For "balance" Conan had a talker from the Rand Corporation(!) who never questioned the official assumptions that were being reinforced or mentioned that Iran could understandably be concerned about the threat from a saber-rattling Israel, which(unmentioned) is bristling with nuclear weapons.
In the second hour the discussion was about great works of art, and in the midst of it, Conan all but apologized for the Nazi attack on Guernica!! I can't beleive this guy!

larry said...

Sorry, It was TOTN.