Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stay In Your Lane

The Iraq Study Group releases its findings and NPR is all over it:

Now this is a fine sampler of mainstream and far-right opinions. But where's the leftist, progressive input? There's plenty of provocative critiques from blogs such as Crooks and Liars (whose visitors far outnumber Redstate's), Needlenose, GlennGreewald, or even Daily Kos for example. Come on NPR, let's expand the range!


Kevan said...

Very concisely stated! I can only chime in, "I agree!" I would love to hear more from Juan Cole, too.

jules said...

Juan Cole was on last Sunday but the questions they directed to him were quite limited (re: the history of Sunnis and Shiites). You know, something that would have been nice to talk about...oh, maybe say BEFORE the DAMNED invasion???

Pity they couldn't have asked him about THIS but, you know, they've got to make sure us crazy hippie types who opposed the war in the FIRST place and were goddamned right about EVERYTHING SINCE don't have a part of this SERIOUS discourse.

larry said...

You'll have to go to and pacifica broadcasting for all that non-party-line stuff.

Porter Melmoth said...

The Americanski consumer mentality still finds it impossible to tolerate the realization that they have bought a lemon, in spite of all the warnings.