Wednesday, January 17, 2007

From the Playbook

Stripped of political and historical context, Linda Gradstein presents the truncated logic for war on Iran on Tuesday's Morning Edition.

  • Gradstein: "...most Israeli analysts believe it's only a matter of time until Iran has the capability of making a nuclear bomb."
  • Dani Yatom (former member of the Mossad and current member of Israel's parliament) : "...vital for Israel to convince the free world, led by the United States...not to exclude any military operation against Iran."
  • General Zvi Shtauber (Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies ): "...sooner or later - we are not yet at this junction - there will be a question of using military means."
  • Gradstein quoting Uzi Dayan (Former Israeli national security adviser): "...if Israel doesn't stop Iran in the next year, it may be too late."
  • Uzi Dayan: "The only way to prevent Iran later from achieving this capability will be by using military or even a non-conventional force." (What "non-conventional force" means is not explained.)
  • Dani Yatom: "it [militarily destroying Iran's nuclear capability] will be much more difficult. But still it is achievable."

At the end of this report I felt like I had been in the football huddle for Team Israel with each player chiming in and quarterback Gradstein making sure we all knew what the next play was: the option play...military option that is (it worked so well against Iraq and Lebanon after all).



Anonymous said...

I have felt for some time now that NPR has been laying the intellectual propaganda framework in support of a future attack on NPR. It feels like a far more subtle and muted version of the propaganda waves prior to the Iraq invasion, about a year before the attack. Sometimes it's direct, and sometimes it's the quiet adoption of Bush/neocon/Likud perspective injected into the interviews and talking points, like when Julie said Iran president considers the US his "bitter enemy." To be honest, I'm not even sure that many of the hosts are aware how fully they've bought into this point of view. It's really dangerous. If the Cheney administration allows an Israeli strike or conducts an American attack itself on Iran, we are in for truly unimaginable long-term world of shit. It's amazing the way NPR is softly holding its listeners' hands as it walks them to the precipice, following in the train of our dear leaders.

Anonymous said...

... future attack on IRAN. I R A N.

NPR laying the intellectual propaganda framework in support of a future attack on NPR ... I guess that happens everytime they have Juan Williams, Cokie Roberts, or Mara Liasson on. Or AEI. Or Bill Kristol. Or...