Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Incredibly Important

This morning Mara Liasson weighs in on the likely run for the presidency of US Senator Barack Obama.
  • "His lack of experience, the fact that he is a blank slate and so unknown is his strength and his weakness. He is certainly the most inexperienced candidate seeking the Presidential nomination this cycle – maybe he’s the most inexperienced [chuckling] candidate ever, I don’t know. But that will be his biggest problem to overcome. He has only been in the Senate for two years; before that he was in the Illinois State legislature – and that’s about it....in an era when foreign policy and national security are incredibly important, so is experience."
Given the current boob running our ship of state on the rocks of foreign policy and national security, that Liasson can utter this bit of punditry with seriousness is quite a feat.

Instead of such silliness, why doesn't Liasson do a teeny-tiny little bit of research into Obama's Illinois legislative voting record or his Senate voting record and give us a little substance about where Obama stands on policy issues.

For little scary humor go back and listen to this NPR piece on W's inexperience when he was running back in 2000. You'll get to hear Bush say, "but I’m a fast learner, and uh, listen, I’m not gonna play like I’ve been a person who’s spent hours involved with foreign policy. I am who I am."


Porter Melmoth said...

I get a kick out of Mara's statement, shown in her Wikipedia entry, in which she describes herself as 'center-left' (chuckle).

Barb said...

That NPR would have both Mara Liasson AND Juan Williams jointly offer their combined wisdom to discuss Sens. Clinton & Obama makes me crazy. And did anyone else notice that both Ms. Liasson & Mr. Williams talk about "Hillary"--not Senator Clinton. When did they get on a first-name basis with the Senator? Why is it okay in the wide world of punditry to refer to powerful females by their first names? Just wondering...