Friday, January 19, 2007

Open Thread - Friday

NPR related comments welcomed.

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larry, dfh said...

Yesterday on 'Fresh Air', host Gross stated that "Iran is very close to having nuclear weapons". That was news to me, and still another example of her craven interest in Islamo-irradication. Her show was very heavily skewed toward pro-war guests before the war, and she seems to be pushing the militarism meme again with Iran. Her quest being a press-guy for Menachim Begin, he didn't bother to correct her.
This afternoon in the section on Gallop Poll results, when talking about pro/anti war poll results, specifically le Surge, the host asked "or are Americans even interested in success?" The conversation then developed into whether Americans wanted success in Iraq, but success was only defined in terms of some sort of military victory pretty much as defined by the White House. It seems that both NPR and Gallop cannot see beyond increased and incessant militarism, and unquestioned loyalty to the CiC. The assumption throughout the conversation with a supposedly impartial pollster was that success could only be achieved, or even defined, according to a White House plan, whatever that is.