Saturday, January 06, 2007

Open Thread - Weekend

NPR related comments.

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Porter Melmoth said...

Surely John Ydstie is as stupid as he sounds. I couldn't believe his dim handling of Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman's thoughts on the psychology of hawkishness during conflict:
Dear old folksy low-key John seemed like he was navigating a stick through a mud puddle. Like many of these lifers, they're just so dull and dried up that they can't even fake it anymore. Kahneman's points were interesting and stimulating, but the interviewer preferred his comfort zone of pedantic and witless questions. Kahneman demonstrated great patience with John's ineptitude.
Another unfortunate Ydstie characteristic: his sibilance is extremely distracting. For that reason alone, he's just not host material. Broadcast software like ProTools can fix stuff like that, but how many S's occur in two hours of dull yakking? makes me pine for darling Andy Seabrook to come back!