Friday, January 12, 2007

We Are Just So Conflicted

There was a remarkable moment in Michelle Norris' extended talk with Henry Reid on Thursday's ATC. Reid was articulate and mentioned that there is even growing Republican opposition to the Bush escalation plan for Iraq. Reids opinions are solidly in line with polling of US public opinion which consistently has been showing disapproval of Bush, the Iraq War, and the "surge" option hovering right up there near 70%! So how does Michelle Norris characterize this sea change that is essentially a reversal of public opinion on the eve of the war?
  • I wonder if this is good for the country, a country that is so conflicted about the war, to have another war going on here in Washington between Democrats on the Hill and the President in the White House."
Conflicted? Michelle Norris better go back and review her grade school math text on percentages. A whopping 67% opposition to a war is not "so conflicted" - unless perhaps if your sympathies lie with the President and his Iraq fantasy plan.

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