Monday, February 19, 2007

Gradstein Declares Victory

When the governments of the nations that are trying to subjugate you, annex your best land, and wipe out your culture (see previous post or better yet visit the Electronic Intifada) agree to keep talking to you that is a victory! Linda Gradstein says as much this morning on NPR:
"From Abbas’ point of view what came out of it was a commitment that the United States will continue to work with him even though he is now going to be part of this unity government which does not seem to be accepting the international conditions…so for Abbas it seems to be a victory. And, in fact, an Israeli official say [sic] they will also continue to work with Abbas, so I guess from his perspective, you know, the fact that at least they’re still willing to negotiate with him is somewhat of a victory."
That is some victory! Gradstein might also want to congratulate the Palestinians on the prosperity and justice that the US-backed, Israeli occupation has blessed them with of late.

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Anonymous said...

No real Palestinian Partner for peace. It's time to let the Palestinian to kill themselves as many as they can before the Israelis will complete the mission, and than peace will land on that land.