Friday, February 16, 2007

Open Thread - Friday

NPR related comments welcomed.


Roberto said...

If NPR claims to be the go-to-station for intelligent listeners, why must we suffer news announcers who speak low class and imprecise English? I refer specifically to the failure to pronounce "t"s following "n"s, as in "internet" and "Atlanta." Before anyone gets to talk on NPR, he/she should pass a test for correct English pronunciation. No more "inner-net." No more "inner-national."

Roberto in Utah

willie said...

Ha! Nice satire, Roberto. The bland, whitebread uniformity of English usage on NPR has been a burr under my saddle for ever so long.

You remind me of Stephen Colbert, or even Jesus' General:

Porter Melmoth said...

Like many, I can no longer be much of an NPR monitor, but I gather that they are being very soft on a hot story: 'insurgents' causing violent disruptions within Iran itself.

Iran. It has started. I will seek out the truth elsewhere...

Anonymous said...

It's not a surge. Lost count of how many times NPR spit up the surge hairball today. It's an escalation!

Don't they have editors at NPR who know better. Yeah. That has to be rhetorical.

Thanks for letting me vent.