Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Open Thread - Tuesday

NPR related comments welcomed.

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Roberto Eder said...

I want to comment on some of the NPR personalities:

1. Cokie Roberts - she's nothing but a closet Republican. Every chance she gets, she takes a swipe at the Democrats. Her anecdote about her mother Lindsay Boggs warning Nancy Pelosi early on in the beginning of Pelosi's career not to wage every battle as if it were Amageddon was condescending and a put-down to today's Democratic majority.

2. Juan Williams - a kiss up to George Bush. Speak truth to power is foreign to Juan Williams.

More NPR personalities later. But don't get me started on Margaret Warner, dismissive of Iran, or Gwen Ifill, friend of Conoleeza Rice, on the News Hours.

Roberto in Utah