Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Open Thread - Tuesday

NPR related comments welcomed.


Roberto said...

NPR's counter-part on TV does not do any better. Consider the story tonight on News Hour about the Anglican fuss about homosexuals in the ministry, and about blessings for homosexual marriage. Frankly who cares? Myself, I want stories about those scoundrels Bush and Cheney, solid investigatory pieces on how these guys are f***ing up this country. The Anglican piece is soft non-news. Again, who gives a care about the Anglican obsession with gay sex?

Roberto in Utah

Porter Melmoth said...

It's called FILLER. Filler-type stories, to show a specific show's attentions to diverse stories, just in case discriminating viewers and listeners are keeping track of what the media's responsibility is. Never mind that much of the filler are stories that are pumped-up fluffballs that contribute very little to the expansion of the human mind, let alone civilization itself. Regardless of whether it's 'thoughtful' PBS, or 'scatological' Fox, there's lots of time to fill, and it MUST be filled. So, kid, come up with something to get us to 8 o'clock, something that sounds credible, huh? OK, kid, go to work!

PS: Jim Lehrer, and Robert McNeil, (who is still involved in the production of the News Hour on PBS) are both getting pretty elderly now. They may still have their high standards, but, in my opinion, their control and influence over the show is fading, as new, energetic, and more corporate-minded editors and producers are moving into the positions of control. It's already happened at NPR, as this blog has given ample evidence of, every day.