Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Open Thread - Wednesday

NPR related comments welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

Bob 'Suck-Up' Siegel's interview with Nick 'Puke-Making' Burns just ended. The Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs managed to maintain his usual fussy but peevish personality within his usual bounds of calmness (like a smiling first grade teacher brandishing a whip behind his back), while Bob valiantly tried to be the kind of valid journalist that might please all those college-educated people out in the audience. Like the pit bull we know him to be, Bob bit into Nick's ankle with a high-toned inquiry concerning the added US ships in the Gulf region. Debonair as always, Burns replied with: 'The US has been sending naval forces into the Persian Gulf since 1949.' I'll say they have. As if it's an Easter tradition, or something. Throughout his ordeal, Nicky kept addressing Bob as 'Robert', in tones of, uh, a certain sort of intimacy. Oh, there I go again, getting annoyed with all these fine civil servants, who are working 'very hard' (as Burns kept saying), doing the right thing for our country. I should just rest easy and give myself over to complete trust in those at the wheel. For was it not Nicholas Burns who uttered the great profound statement (in this very interview): 'Diplomacy sometimes takes time to work itself out.' Thanks be to heaven that we have such refined, cultured and wise individuals as Sir Nicholas Burns, leading us, and teaching us along the way! I am rendered speechless with awe, and happily yield to Mytwords' more patient interpretation of this historic moment.

Anonymous said...

I'm listening to that interview right now. Horrible. NPR will hold the hand of its listeners as we sleepwalk into yet another goddamn war. What an evil government we're led by, and what an impotent national radio network.

I don't understand why everyone on the left isn't screaming about this at the top of their lungs; it's like the past 4 years, and all of the lies and deceptions didn't happen.

I saw my first "No War on Iran" bumper-sticker today... it makes me wonder when the little American flags come out on the SUV antennas once again, and the US is re-affirmed in the eyes of the world as a brutal, war-mongering nation.

Mytwords said...

Thanks Porter! What more can one say. It is a disgrace.