Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A Freak Snow Storm

I have compassion for anyone who gets cancer, and I don't want to see anyone die young - but for God's sake having a terrible disease doesn't make an antidemocratic, lying, Limbaugh-like, sycophant a decent person. Don Gonyea could have just reported that current Bush-mouth, Tony Snow has had a recurrence of cancer which is very serious. He also could have mentioned that as four years of lies and deceptions around the Iraq War and the "war on terror" are unraveling - along with the lies surrounding the US attorney firings - that Snow's facility with fronting for the White House will be missed by the Bush administration.

Instead Gonyea praises Snow, saying "It is clear this is a job Snow has enjoyed; he’s often combative, but he’s also extremely comfortable at the podium and quick with a laugh..." Quick with a laugh! God yes - war, torture, warrantless searches, cluster bombs, secret prisons, and closed hearings are such a gas!

Why, under Tony Snow, learning about the Bush Administration has been like going to Disneyland....oops that line was in the Gonyea report as he aired Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino saying, "I do know that Tony Snow loves this job...he in fact has called it communications Disneyland."

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