Sunday, March 25, 2007

Our Peacemaker

NPR continues its bizarre portrayal of Secretary of State Rice as a Middle East peacemaker. This morning 's report on Weekend Edition Sunday has Linda Gradstein insisting that "In the past the United States has tried to push the two sides together, saying there has to be bilateral negotiations." We are also told that "Secretary Rice seems to be saying, 'OK, you know there’s no other alternative,' and that she and the Bush Administration are going to try a new push for peace..."

And then tonight on ATC, Debra Elliot describes the report on Rice in the Middle East as being about "Secretary of State Rice and her quest for peace in the Middle East."

It is really maddening to hear such slanted, utterly unfounded statements used again and again on NPR's coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

If you think this bias is a slip-up or infrequent occurrence on NPR take a look back at previous posts on NPR's coverage of Rice.

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