Friday, March 30, 2007

Skinning the Kangaroo Skinner in a Kangaroo Court

It was a bitter irony to listen to ATC today. Jackie Northam stooges for the Gitmo sham "trial" of David Hicks. She reports about his "guilty plea" and all the allegations he "admitted" to: "they essentially followed the trajectory of his few months in Afghanistan right through to when he was captured there in December 2001…allegations talked about how Hicks trained at al-Qaeda camps, he learned about weapons and basic explosives, he was trained in urban warfare at one camp and that included kidnapping techniques and assassination methods…how he fought with the Taliban and al-Qaeda members against US and coalition forces…" Not one reference to the fact that these allegations have no legitimate evidence backing them, that they flout international standards, and that the entire procedure was a legal farce. Also no reference to the sexual torture that America's finest inflicted on Hicks.

It was so perfect that this sorry excuse for journalism was followed by the story of the British soldiers being held by the Iranians and the justifiable skepticism over their "admissions" of wrongdoing.

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larry, dfh said...

This Am Brian Naylor tried to justify his presence at the table in front of the radio and television journalist's dinner, with an aside how Dana Perino loves NPR. That pretty much says it all. Better than a cup of coffee, try this to get your blood pressure up:
Again, sorry about the long link.