Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And the Other Five?

Last week on one of NPR's newscasts a letter from a listener was read complaining about the coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign focusing so heavily how much money has been raised--and then the next morning NPR ran another story about who was ahead in the money chase...

This morning was a pathetic attempt at analysis with Juan Williams "weighing in." As it turns out the Democrats are holding a debate on Thursday in South Carolina and listening to NPR you'd swear there were three candidates in the running--Obama, Clinton and Edwards. Well, I'm sick of NPR not offering its listeners enough information about the candidates and the issues. In a four minute piece we got to hear all about opinion polls for Clinton and Edwards $400 dollar haircut--so what! And not even a mention of Gravel, Kucinich, Richards, Dodd or Biden. Even the local NBC station gets the idea that you name all the candidates and they even have links to their positions--imagine that!


Porter Melmoth said...

Mytwords, I'm a tad concerned that you're already sick of NPR's presidential race coverage! It's just getting started. Think of all the insightful, fair and accurate NPR coverage to come!
It's enough to curl your eyeteeth.
Some cheerful news: all the panel members of the McLaughlin Group (even Pat Buchanan and Tony Blankley) agree that Paul Wolfowitz will step down.

Willie said...

What, no mention on NPR of Laurabot's $700 hairdos?!

Let's hope that's true about the Wolf, porter. Next step--get the WTO itself to step down.