Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Open Thread - Wednesday

NPR related comments welcomed.


Porter Melmoth said...

Not an NPR item, but last night Richard Perle got to speak his mind in 'The Case for War' on PBS' 'America at a Crossroads' series. Never has Richard been so gentle, so soft-spoken, so benign. He even made it clear that he was still a 'registered Democrat'! What could I have been thinking all this time??
However, the film was largely worthless, as it served as an ego trip for Richard and his starkly superficial treatment of any and all issues concerning his war. He states how he wants to wander 'all day' in a Kabul bazaar, yet stays within the safety of his vehicle. In gestures of fake generosity, he allows his critics to voice their opinions while he pouts, then in a sentence or two he says he 'doesn't agree'. I mention all of this because it smacks of NPR-ism: shallowness and simplicity are used to explain everything, and therein lies the manipulation.

Mytwords said...

You weren't the only one disturbed by this NPRish P(BS) special - Gary Kamiya has a a good article on the series in