Tuesday, May 08, 2007


So much for positives (see previous post). Guy Raz talks to Steve Inskeep this morning about the House Armed Services Committee considering the Department of Defense budget. Here's a little nugget from The Guy regarding the missile defense installations that Pentagon wants to stick in Poland and the Czech Republic:

(Raz): "The idea is – at least according to the Pentagon – is that Europe faces a ballistic missile threat from Iran. Ah, and so the continent needs a missile defense system. Well, you know there are three main problems. One, it’s unreliable. Two, the Russians see it as a threat to their, uh, their ballistic problem. And three, it’s very expensive; it’s more than the annual budgets of many countries around the world..."

How stupid does Guy Raz think we are? For God's sake, three problems? How about the big, frickin', humdinger of a problem? There is no ballistic missile threat to Europe from Iran! What a joke...ugh.

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