Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Garrels: Hawk and Vulture

I'm really sad thinking of the fate of the captured US soldiers. For all seized persons I can only hope for their safety and well-being - though I know it's unlikely. I was struck by the information released about the ambush and capture of the US patrol. Reading this Reuter's article I noticed: "Caldwell said that after the attack at 4:44 am a nearby unit heard explosions, suggesting a coordinated operation. Minutes later a U.S. drone observed two burning vehicles. When a rapid-reaction force arrived one hour after the attack they saw five soldiers dead, Caldwell said." My thoughts were, "Why the hell was a small 8-man patrol put in such a vulnerable position - ONE HOUR from reinforcements? And especially near the area where the US rape-murder of the Iraqi girl and her family occured. I went poking back through NPR news to see if I could find a critique of the military commander who put them there--nothing--but I came across this regurgitated neocon-speak from Anne Garrels (again!):
"It’s not clear yet who and what caused today’s attack, Sunnis or Shiites, but the commanding general Rick Lynch has said both Sunnis and Shiites in his area are using more and more of the particularly deadly and sophisticated roadside bombs which can penetrate armor. The US says these, the technology for these or the, the roadside bombs themselves come from Iran; they’re not easy to make..."
Using the deaths of these men to put in a plug for attacking Iran. Again Garrels repeats unfiltered and unsubstantiated allegations--she should get a commission from the devil Cheney himself.

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