Thursday, May 10, 2007


How does NPR decide who gets on for an interview and who doesn't? This morning was a painful chat between Inskeep and PR hit man, Eric Dezenhall. "In the business of making bad news go away...," Inskeep tells us, "Mr. Dezenhall was initiated into the world of public relations in the Reagan Whitehouse." As if doing public relations for the criminal enterprise called the Reagan administration is something to be proud of - zounds!

During the interview, Dezenhall tells us "You’re dealing with one of the most sensitive points of my business which is the clients I don’t take; you can’t take someone who is hateful and who is totally guilty and who has no interest in repenting, and put lipstick on that pig." Actually if you're Dezenhall, that's exactly what you can do. Take a look at the SourceWatch report on Dezenhall's business or this report from Business Week and see if you can find the pigs needing lipstick (maybe the lawyers for Enron's Skilling?).

I'll confess that PR Watch's Sheldon Rampton convinced me that Dezenhall is a smart, engaging fellow and if you want to see how an interview with Dezenhall should be done read his interview.

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Larry said...

BTW, did I miss something? Who is the woman with the last name of Roberts co-hosting ME? Daughter of Cokie? All in the family?