Friday, May 04, 2007

Open Thread - Friday & Saturday

NPR related comments welcomed.


Daniel J. McKeown said...

I noticed your post last summer about NPR's obviously botched and biased coverage of the Mexican election, and I liked it. Back last summer I wrote a post about basically that same topic as well.
They really do make a mess out of their Latin American coverage don't they? You do a good job documenting that on this blog.
I've noticed how appalling their international coverage is when they cover countries I know a little about, and how it doesn't seem as bad when I don't know what they're talking about. That's certainly not a good sign.
But NPR has no chance with you when you used to have to sit through that awful weekend quiz show during long car rides.

larry, dfh said...

Saty. night (Sunday AM)BBC had a report on the French elections. Here we learned that "some people" consider Sarkozy the more competent candidate. And Royal is a staid leftist. Wow! Such informative and inciteful journalism. The BBC has been taken over by the same clowns that has sunk NPR.