Sunday, May 20, 2007

Open Thread - Sunday

NPR related comments welcomed.


larry, dfh said...

MyTWords, you were sure to love the piece this morning where that sot Rebeccah Roberts gets on a bike and rides through DC traffic. Other than the fact that there was no information in the segment that would be of use to bike-interested listeners, it was pretty dangerous letting an obvious incompetent out into DC traffic with a veteran. I know you ride to work, as do I when possible, and most days it's the best 20 minutes of my morning. But dealing with city traffic and the lousy streets in DC is not for the uninitiated (although DC is flat, which helps). There should have been suggestion on training and increasing ridership, on increasing safe access, and on efforts to accommodate bikes with public transit. But someone who barely knows how to ride a bike, and who was given a cushy job by her mommy wouldn't know to think about these important issues.

Mytwords said...

I did catch the piece and had mixed feelings as you guessed. I was glad that NPR was highlighting biking as an alternative to driving. But surely somebody working at NPR bikes to work regularly and would have done a better job of reporting on it--and it would have been a break for her or him.

Yes, I do commute, but Urbana is a smallish city, though I was a bike messenger in Chicago and commuted there for years without incident.