Thursday, June 28, 2007

More "War is Peace"

It would be interesting to know how many times NPR has coupled the name of the "Middle East Quartet" with such words or phrases as "peacemaker," "seeks peace," "promotes peace," etc. It's nothing new, of course, but you'll be counting a long time if you do the research. Does anyone seriously think the Quartet is interested in a just solution of Israel's attempt to destroy Palestinian culture? Can someone name one step that the Quartet has taken to demand that Israel renounce violence and return territory annexed and stolen since 1967? The Quartet may seek "resolution" of the conflict, but it is the same resolution that the US/Israeli expansionists want - subservience and capitulation by the Palestinians. One might hope that the Quartet's move of appointing the discredited Tony Blair as Middle East (NPR has a soft spot for Blair anyway) envoy would highlight the cynical aims of the Quartet, but no such luck. Here were a few of the choice remarks from yesterday and today:
  • On ATC Norris states, "Tony Blair has a new job today….appointed as representative of the so-called Middle East Quartet, that’s the group of nations trying to promote peace between Israel and the Palestinians." In the same piece Rob Gifford adds, "...the so-called Quartet, which seeks to bring peace to the Middle East." (That's subtle.)
  • Then this morning Montagne notes "Tony Blair...was offered a new job...that would be promoting peace between Israel and the Palestinians." (No bias there!)
I can't wait to hear who's next on the peace train, maybe that bleeding-heart, peace-loving Henry Kissinger can get called into action before he dies--after all he's buddies with the new British Prime Minister.

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