Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hell Freezes Over!

I'll end the weekend on an up note. Wow, great report on ATC tonight. Jackie Lyden interviews recent guest Joost Hiltermann, to talk about his newest book, A Poisonous Affair: America, Iraq and the Gassing of the Halabja. Hiltermann was an early critic of the war and the release of his book is an important event and an antidote to official American amnesia.

NPR gets a thumbs up for this one. More please!


Anonymous said...

exactly what I thought. A daringly aggressive and honest look at the historical record of the US in the middle east.

...and then it was followed up with the excruciatingly bad, maudlin and sappy report: "Couple Remember War Dead with Yard Display." The very title reads like a joke-story from the Onion.

But the story on the US-Iraq connection during the Iran/Iraq war? The kind of truth usually afforded only to people who buy books by Chalmers Johnson or Thomas Powers or subscribe to the NY Review of Books, etc. Few. I hope it opened some eyes (ears?) on a national scale.

jules said...

More of this please, NPR! That's how it's done. Oh, and the added kicker was hearing that Iran had decided to get nukes after we helped Saddam acquire biological weapons.